Guestbook of Torben Laurberg:

Derek Archer  email   (December 13th 2005)
You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it.
Melba Fineman  email   (December 9th 2005)
Wonderful and informative web site.I used information from that site its great.
Bishop Fitzgerald  email   (December 6th 2005)
Enjoy your site, very helpful and chock full of good memories.
Alla Leventhal  email   (December 5th 2005)
Thank you for developing this very good site
Laurel Snyderman  email   (November 30th 2005)
Just browsing through ur site. I really like it. keep up the good work.
Susanne Vines  email   (November 28th 2005)
It is really excellent A lot of interesting info. Thanks ...
Ira Battle     (November 27th 2005)
what a briliant site.A good general site, but not enough comprehensive information about the actual
Hazel Rattner     (November 21st 2005)
Nice Site. Much informations. Nice to be stain here
Jackie Davis     (November 20th 2005)
I visited your website to gather information about Denmark. I was really amazed of how much information is available and very well designed. Congratulations and thank you.
Beth     (November 20th 2005)
"Your friend is your needs answered. When you part from your friend, you grieve not; For that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence, as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain."

Missing you,
Fra din evighed-friend...
Charles Bell  email   (November 19th 2005)
Seite mit guten Infos. Vielleicht sieht man sich im nachsten Urlaub
Craig Henry  email   (November 18th 2005)
Cool guestbook, interesting information
Craig Caplan  email   (November 16th 2005)
I saw this really good site and thought to sign the guestbook. So keep up the good work I already added the site to my personal favorites.
Leni Rogers  email   (November 13th 2005)
This site is incredibly informative. It really helped me
Ronald Perez  email   (November 10th 2005)
this is a really good site, well done too whoeva made it
Pete     (November 8th 2005)
I was just searching my name on to see what turned up and I saw a link to your website. I was very happy to be able to read about you and especially see all of your photos. Many memories came back to me.
I always remember you as a super tan and super friendly beach bum!
I have been doing so many things over the years and I wish I had been better at staying in touch with old friends. As you will see on my website I have married and I have two wonderful boys.
My wife is Elisabeth
I see you have been back to California since our fantastic trip. I lived there most of my life but recently moved to Florida where I live now.
Shoot me an email when you get a chance. I\'d love to see you some time.
Nipa  email   (October 30th 2005)
Hi Torben,

Nice site. I liked the frog wisdom part the most. And of course, the famous quotes.

test  email   (October 29th 2005)
Mark  email Homepage  (October 29th 2005)
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MUGU LOME  email   (October 25th 2005)
Melissa Jones     (October 13th 2005)
Hi Torben, I saw your name on an old camp photo from michikamau and googled up your website. Congratulations on a very impressive website and what looks to be quite a business. Good luck. Melissa Jones
Colleen     (October 12th 2005)
An awesome page and i love the background music.
Regards, Colleen
Kis     (October 12th 2005)
Hejsa...var her lige :-)
John Cunard-Shutter  email   (October 7th 2005)
Dear Mr. Laurberg: A brief note to tell you how much I enjoy your superb site. I, too, have a passion
for both words and California - I live in San Diego, overlooking Balboa Park - and found your webpage an absolute delight.
Best wishes to you.
John Cunard-Shutter
test  email Homepage  (October 6th 2005)
Linda Rajendram  email   (October 3rd 2005)
I enjoyed your site. Was actually looking for info on the Danish Government for a school project. Sounded like you had an interesting life so far! Good luck.
Mojo     (October 3rd 2005)
Torben, love the website! The wedding photos are great. Nice idea to have the wedding at sea,I always said I was going to do that. I wish the newly-weds all the best.
Chris Tutt  email   (October 2nd 2005)
What a great site Torben. Lots of hard work went into this. Must come back as there is too much to see in one visit thanks for sharing
Trine  email   (October 2nd 2005)
Hej Torben
Håber du har det godt. Jeg hørte aldrig mere til din Københavnertur. Jeg har det super. Glad for mit job og kollegaer og nu har jeg pludselig masser af fritid. Hygge hygge. Kærlig hilsen TRINE
Gitta     (October 2nd 2005)
41 years old to day. Happy birthsday Torben!
Kim Nolan     (September 26th 2005)
What a well constructed website, very informative and useful. We'll be back again. Have a good one.

John Miller  email   (September 22nd 2005)
Excellent website Torben. Keep it up.
Ralph Fiennes  email   (September 18th 2005)
This site is slick. I don't know how to program a site this fancy. I have bookmarked it for my own use but do not intend to put in a link from my course pages, at least not yet.

Elizabeth  email   (September 17th 2005)
Hey Torben...
It feels good to be back here again, visiting your site. Reading through everyone's messages of congratulations and support, I also came across my own post from 2003! Wow, we have been friends for longer than I realized. Thank you for holding on to my MSN profile, and thank you for being so gracious to a prodigal friend.

You have constructed a website with so much class, it's a real treat to visit.

Once again I feel quite privileged to call you my friend. Thanks for sharing your exquisite site with me.

Take care,
Kilroy     (September 16th 2005)
Kilroy was here!
Jennie  email   (September 9th 2005)
Cool site u have, Love it. Do u live in Copenhagen? Here is an old chinese proverb for your quotations collection: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
Beth  email   (September 4th 2005)
I like your site torben, you need a music download page :)
Sven Gottfridsson  email   (August 27th 2005)
Hej Torben !

Jag brukar titta på dina fina bilder och är mycket imponerad
av ditt stora kunnande på webdesign. Själv kan jag inget som du vet. Vi hade en skön helg vid
Astrid o Pelles
bryllup. Ha det gott
och hälsa Gitta o
Marlene från oss

Kära hälsn fr
sven o Gunnel

Lee  email Homepage  ()
August 12th 2005
Mark Watson  email Homepage  (July 24th 2005)
Congratulations on the new layout. Keep it up to date as a celebrity :)
Alex Mayers  email Homepage  (July 17th 2005)
Where are the updates? i cant seem to find them. But anyway, nice job.
Käte  email   (July 12th 2005)
Hej Torben..

Længe siden. !
Men så er det jo godt at man altid kan lure lidt på dig her..
Din HP er jo,som altid..
Skide go´

Håber du nyder sommeren..

Sommer hilsen
Rebecca Meyer  email   (July 7th 2005)
Thanks so very much for taking your time to create this very useful and informative site. I have learned a lot from your site. Thanks!! I think you have done an excellent job with your site. I will return in the near future..
Sven and Gunnel Gottfridsson  email   (July 1st 2005)
Hej och tack för senast när vi hade tre goda dagar hos Per o Astrid, det var så
trevligt att se er båda, hoppas vi
kan ses snart igen.

Vänliga hälsningar till Dig och Gitta
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Zandra Ernest     (June 5th 2005)
Sweet site! Keep up the awesome job!!
you know who...     (June 3rd 2005)
Hwat is love? One soul inhabiting two bodies...
Trine Bach Nielsen  email   (May 15th 2005)
Hej Torben

Håber du har det godt og nyder det skønne forår.
Jeg er blevet færdig som tandplejer og har fået et rigtig fedt job.

God sommer
Kærlig hilsen Trine
Uma Andersson-Nilsskog  email   (May 12th 2005)
Hilsen fra Kanada.
cris     (April 30th 2005)
so much to see & so little time this eve.. i'll be bak; thank you, torben.. from midwest usa
Alfredo  email   (March 20th 2005)
Hi, my name is Alfredo, I am a Chilean guy in USA and I was looking for some pictures of SF and Oakland in CA. Thanks for the pictures. Is a very nice page, I liked a lot.
Good luck.
Eliott  email   (March 14th 2005)
Hi, I am a surfer boy and student from Peru, I grew up on a beach in Peru Called Costa Verde which is warm in the summer and cold in winter. The waves are mostly point breaks with really long rights and lefts.

I have got a Klimax board, I visit alots of places in Peru, so i can tell you the food is great we have great beaches north of lima, like mancora, chicama,pacasmayo with great waves chicama has for me the longest wave in the world, 43 kilometers south of lima you can find pico alto with waves from 8 to 10 meters.
If you are interested contact me
Anne Marchner  email   (January 20th 2005)
Hello du skønne...Skal vi snart til Cuba og dykke.....

Cyberknus fra Anne
Anna  email   (December 21st 2004)
Great site!These are the funniest pictures I have ever seen! It seems Russians and Danes have much in common!
Glaedelig Jul!

veninden     (December 13th 2004)
hej du.
Marcus Broidy  email   (November 18th 2004)
What a nice site!
Thaddeus Roker  email   (November 16th 2004)
A wonderful site!
guyman mugu  email   (September 26th 2004)
i dey here o
guyman mugu  email   (September 26th 2004)
i dey here o
Anne Marchner  email   (August 27th 2004)
Wow, det er en super hjemmeside.

C Ya
Diana Padgett  email   (June 28th 2004)
I think You have a great web site!!! Thanks for sharing.
Tammy  email   (June 25th 2004)
Hi Torben, I just wanted to let you know how delightful your website is. I have a friend who is from Denmark and she recommended this site to me. The sections of the site flow seamlessly together and the graphics are beautiful. A truly unique site!
Susanne Nissen  email   (June 16th 2004)
Hi Torben,
I happened to be looking for a link to my old high school (the same as yours - I graduated in '89). Wound up spending a good amount of time on your site instead :) It is a great webpage! When I saw the photos I realized that I went to high school with both your siblings!
Anyhow - fed webpage, og musikken + citaterne er virkelig gode detaljer - jeg noed isaer musikken meget... Haaber du faar en god sommer.

Best wishes, Susanne in Boston, MA
Jørgen Fagernæs   Homepage  (June 13th 2004)
Vær hilset Torben - din gamle punkrocker.
Jørgen Fagernæs
Ruthie  email   (April 5th 2004)
Very Nice site,I will visit often.. :)
Ruthie  email   (March 29th 2004)
Hey.. Nice website,thanks for sharing.. :)
Sacha W. Smith     (March 12th 2004)
Thanks so very much for taking your time to create this very useful and informative site. I have learned a lot from your site. Thanks!!
sara nkatha  email   (February 24th 2004)
I am a kenyan female journalist.I pursed a radio course at danish hoskole in aarhus. I REally love DEnmark.I happened tocome across your website.congratulations.tak
Cate     (December 11th 2003)
Just 'visiting' your website!! WOW!! HOW impressed am I!! Apart from the fact that our birthdays are nextdoor to eachother . .[mines October 1st!!] Ijust love your spirit and the way in which you talk about life. Would like to hear more! ;-)

maibritt  email   (December 2nd 2003)
hej Torben har kigget dine billeder. de er gode og spændende. de bedste er dem med tænder på! ss
knus M
Torben Fasoldt  email   (November 26th 2003)
look ma! same name!!
Torben, i was just surfing around the web and thought it would be interesting to type in my name and see what appears. interesting enough, you and i share the same name! i am Torben Fasoldt from Cincinnati, Ohio. just wondering who else shares my unique name! take care and have a great day! --Torben Fasoldt
Winnie  email Homepage  (November 24th 2003)
Lige en hilsen fra Herlev.

Knuz winnie
Jacqueline Wyngard  email   (November 10th 2003)
Hi Torben, Your website is awesome. I havent gotten a chance to look at everything yet, but i was wondering why you travel to California. I just returned from a three month stay in LA around Santa Monica. I was great. once again your website is awesome.
Lone  email   (November 2nd 2003)
Hej Torben;

Tak for kigget - imponerende læsning. Håber du nyder tiden "overthere"
Mariah Razette  email   (October 31st 2003)
Hey, I came across your site by randomly entering my friends names into a search engine. I thought you would like to know that.....erm maybe not! Love your hobbies by the way!
Megan  email   (October 28th 2003)
Hey Torben. I really like this site. You have done a really neat job and the quotes are phenomenal. Good job and keep it up.
Lotte  email   (October 28th 2003)
Tak for skype ser frem til at bruge den. Jeg ved at du er lykkelig i Santa Cruz så derfor håber jeg for dig at du finder et job og at du kan blive og ridde på bølgerne blå. Din cyberveninde Lotte
Jakob Skipper   Homepage  (October 20th 2003)
Hej Torben,

Sjovt at se du stadig findes. Du ligner stadig dig selv. Jeg husker også med glæde min tid med dig og de andre i Camp Michikamau.

Christian  email Homepage  (October 19th 2003)
Hello from Nuernberg (Germany)!
This is a nice Site.
Greetings from Christian

Fred  email Homepage  (October 14th 2003)
Glad you made this site. Useful information.

christine  email   (October 9th 2003)
Hey T,
Well just popped in here to thoroughly see your pages again. Well what can I say...seems like all that could be said has been written already by your friends in here.Im impressed I must say. Well done and nothing excluded about you ,your achievements, your likes and dislikes. Is there anything else I need to know?Well thumbs up pal...get going and more power to you in your life and Im almost certain you're gonna get whatever you want in your life.The roads lie open for a man with your drive.I must say I seldom get impressed. But you I must are one of the few that can impress me.
bettevims  email   (October 8th 2003)
Hey handsome.... Enjoying your stay ...overthere? *s*
Betina  email   (October 5th 2003)
Hej Torben,
Har sendt en mail til dig, det er lidt mere personligt end her.
Knuz Betina
Elizabeth  email   (October 4th 2003)
Fantastic and entertaining website. Loved the music the best! xx
Elizabeth  email   (October 4th 2003)
Fantastic and entertaining website. Loved the music the best! xx
Jake Durley  email   (September 27th 2003)
Hi Torben, I found this to be a very usefull web site. Congratulations on its design and content. Jake Durley.
cremse     (September 24th 2003)
Tak for at jeg måtte kigge forbi! Hvor er det bare en god hjemmesiden!

Knus, Cremse
Clarice  email   (September 22nd 2003)
Nice page Torben, this is one of the coolest pages I have ever seen. I want it.....Can I have it? Please may I have it? My web site is gray, this is awesome...
Helle Kühnau  email   (September 22nd 2003)
Hej Torben!
Har kigget næsten alle billeder, og stort set været over det hele på din hjemmeside...
Hvis du skulle finde på at emigrere, så vil jeg gerne lege flyttemand ;o) ...
Ed  email   (September 20th 2003)
Nice job on site. Well done.

Hello from Tamborine Mountain Gold Coast Australia.

See ya.
kate     (September 19th 2003)
Hi Torben, I'm really impressed with this site. It's good and informative. regards by kate
Barbara  email   (September 18th 2003)
Hej Torben
tak for hilsen.
Du kan skrive igen når du er DK igen. Barbara
Liza Morrision     (September 17th 2003)
Nice site. I really like using it. Loved the site, really was a good showing of your personal goodness.
bob  email Homepage  (September 13th 2003)
great site!go on and have a nice weekend!
Jean Veroy  email   (August 20th 2003)
You've got a very impressive achievements in life. :-)
Sabine W.  email   (August 18th 2003)
Hallo Torben,
you have a wonderful homepage, congratulation !!!
Sorry, my english isn't good! I was more often on your site and i had to take many suggestions .
Verry best wishes
Sabine, Germany
bob  email Homepage  (August 10th 2003)
great site!!go on
winnergambler  email   (August 8th 2003)
~ * ~ Excellent website.You did a good job.Good luck... ~ * ~
Laura  email   (August 3rd 2003)
Hi. I am Laura. I just wanted to tell you how much i love your great site. Very informative and helpful. Best of luck! I'll come back tomorow. Nice work! Ciao
Dina Dexter  email   (July 30th 2003)
Dear Torben, You have one of the more interesting sites I have come across in a while - nicely done!
bobstrickland  email   (July 22nd 2003)
Cool website. I worked at Camp Michikamau waterfront 81 & 82, and enjoyed seeing pics of camp others have in collection.
sim  email   (July 18th 2003)
Hey Torben
Kom lige forbi, en rigtig flot hjemmeside med \\\"fede\\\" foto.

Knus \\\"en beundrer\\\"
jerom, winnipeg     (July 14th 2003)
Appreciate you work in selecting quotations
Tina  email   (July 7th 2003)
Hi. Sjovt, jeg lige faldt over din hjemmeside, da jeg søgte på Haraldslund. Jeg kunne kende dit drengebillede og tænkte: "Hvor er det, jeg har set det før" og det bragte mig så videre hertil :-) Det ser ud som om, at du har haft travlt med hjemmesider og sådan siden. vh Tina
Andrea Solomon  email   (July 2nd 2003)
Hi Torben! I Googled myself and found your website. I see you have been busy the last twenty years! Write when you can. I'd love to catch up! Your camp friend, Andrea
NIH     (June 30th 2003)
Great find (this web site). Took me a while to find it Torben, but was well worth the search. Sincerely NIH
pretty25  email Homepage  (June 28th 2003)
total fed HP, min er jo "vand" iforhold til denne jer.
godt arbejde og fede fotos.
knus fra theresa
Wanda Hamilton     (June 19th 2003)
Hi Torben, You have a very nice site, and seem like a very nice person. Live Long & Prosper ---- wanda
Lambert  email   (June 17th 2003)
Bonjour Torben D'abord je vous salue et j'admire beaucoup votre site. Du point de vue technique, j'aimerai savoir si possible comment vous avez fait la barre en haut de la deuxième page. Merci. Internet est un pays sans frontière…
Mia  email   (June 13th 2003)
Hejsa Torben

Skriver da gerne i din GB.. også her *s*

Knuser fra København
Ashley     (June 8th 2003)
Hi Torben, Your web site is enjoyable for some one new to computers...I don't understand all of the technical jargon but as I surf I am becoming acclimatized to what the references might mean. Nice site...I will email this to a friend who would really enjoy it because he loves and is computer conversant /Ashley
michael     (June 7th 2003)
Torben, Just a quick note to say that this web site is great. It answered all of my questions. Keep up the great work!!! Regards, Michael in OZ
Jason Davis   Homepage  (June 7th 2003)
Justed dropped in unexpectedly and liked your site. Cool Stuff! Keep it up.
hannah arguelles  email   (June 6th 2003)
Nice website, cool layout and easy to navigate. Nice links page as well.
Pete     (June 6th 2003)
Great website Torben! Easy to navigate, some nice applications for download, and a SUPER collection of links :-)
Sophie  email   (June 6th 2003)
Un site étonnant en richesse et plein d'imagination. Sincères félicitations.
Jana  email   (June 4th 2003)
Great to see innovative people making hard to do things really easy. Thanks Torben.
simone  email   (June 2nd 2003)
Kom lige forbi en meget flot hjemmeside !
Sharon  email   (June 1st 2003)
Hi Torben, just wanted to thank you for getting such an informative site. Excelent graphic designed and easy to navigate. Your site is indeed wonderful and i bookmarked it. I have found some of the information here helpful. Your site is very good. Thank you for the opportunity to sign your guest book. I will recommend and come back.
Stine     (June 1st 2003)
Kan se det jeg har skrevet fk du ikke, så det kommer her i stedet.
Romantik er mange ting her hvad jeg kan lide : gå en tur ved solnedgangs skær ved strand el. skov lav et bål evt. lave mad, hygge sig der hjemme med 2 lys på et bord, se en god film med dæmpet belysning,ta' ud at spise gå i bio- (hvis jeg finder en mand der kan lære mig at danse, alle har opgivet, hmm)en campingtur er ej at forglemme at hygge sig der er også en dejligt at høre fuglene kvider og den ro der om morgen.

Hvilken film jeg kan lide : romantiske-karte(stavefejl) spændningsfilm og de skal være A- film

Kumudhini     (June 1st 2003)
Jeg har desværre ingen e-mail den er der gået kuk i
Cherylee  email   (May 26th 2003)
GREAT WEBSITE!!!! I spent the whole afternoon and part of an evening on here.There is just so much interesting stuff that you can't tear yourself away.I appreciate all the hard work that goes in to making a site this good. Cherylee
Mette  email   (May 25th 2003)
Hej Torben.
Det ser jo godt ud:o)

véronique-rouvrais  email   (May 23rd 2003)
Un petit mot pour te féliciter d´avoir fait un journal complet et trés intéressant. Au plaisir de se rencontrer un jour. Mes amitiés et une grosse bise. Véronique.
Marilou  email   (May 22nd 2003)
Hi thanks
rosanna petozzi  email   (May 14th 2003)
it is a pleasure that we met...hopefully to many more chats.

ciao rosanna xxx
Melanie Garimella  email   (May 13th 2003)
Hello Torben, congratulations for your great informative web site! I'm honored to sign your guestbook!

Käte  email   (May 12th 2003)
Hej Torben!

Flot hjemmeside *SS*
Kan se at du er smuttet af !
Gabriella Stein  email   (May 12th 2003)
It's pretty good, keep up the good work Torben. -Greetings from Toronto, Onatrio Canada.
TRINE  email   (May 11th 2003)
hej Torben
Det er et rigtig flot og inspirerende site du her har fået lavet. Jeg glæder mig til at møde dig til sommer. Held og lykke med alle dine projekter indtil da. Du kan mhåske lære migy at svø3mme crawl phå en effektiv mhåde *ss*

De bedste håilsner ogy et stort knus fra


NB: Min badedragt pt blå!

Christine  email   (May 11th 2003)
I just love your website!! Nice. When is your webcam online?
mugu  email   (May 3rd 2003)
i don dey hjireooooooooooooooooo
Hank Millstreet  email   (April 27th 2003)
i really appreciate your help. i hope others can see it too, you really help me out torben, thank you so much... WOW! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!
debbie     (April 12th 2003)
I love your homepage. And I think you are great!!!! Keep it up.
Cindy     (April 9th 2003)
Are you really NOT married?!?!?
Cindy, Edmonton, Alberta
jannie     (April 7th 2003)
Tak for kigget. Det er meget spændende det der findes på din hjemmeside.

Susan  email   (April 4th 2003)
I happend to stumble on this web site, Really great page Torben!
Christine  email   (March 30th 2003)
Nice work on the new look of the page. I suppose that I should update mine one of these days. There should be more pictures on the page however. I also think that you should have a contest. Give away Melting Moments ice cream if we answer trivia questions :o)
John Schultz  email   (March 30th 2003)
Great Torben! I like your style, this site rocks!
otto     (March 30th 2003)
Ich finde ihre seite ist cool und umfangreich. Grüsse Otto.

Sandra Marino  email   (March 26th 2003)
Hi Torben. It me Sandra, from Brazil. It is quite amazing to know someone from a Country so far away from mine. Best Regards and take care
Miriam     (March 25th 2003)
Sehr schön gestaltet Torben. Tolle Seite mit super Fotos. Gratulation!!!!! Schöne Grüsse Miriam
pete murphy  email   (March 24th 2003)
Well Torben, it's been a year, so I thought I'd check in. Still sharp. Keep it going.
Gita  email Homepage  (March 23rd 2003)
Flot website du har fået lavet. Din frøhistorie er rigtigt god - et vigtigt budskab i historien er vist også at man ikke altid skal lytte til dårlige budskaber. Og måske endda undgå at omgåes for meget med kritiserende mennesker. Uanset hvor velmenende folk påstår de er :-)
Maureen Fisher  email   (March 23rd 2003)
Hi Torben,

I have enjoyed your website very much I will have to learn how to set my own website up,....I will pay you another visit soon
Gail  email   (March 23rd 2003)
Love your site... thank you. I have sent it on to many friends.
Anita Hughes  email   (March 23rd 2003)
Dear Torben,
I am thankful for your website; you have so many quotes and quotations that really touch my heart and fill me with gladness. If I am down or just looking for something to inspire me I come directly to your website. Please keep up the great work. And may God richly bless you and keep you.
PS: I'm homepageless!
angie  email   (March 21st 2003)
Hi Torben,
fun page you have here, I enjoyed reading what your into in DEnmark, I like swimming alot too!
Keep up the good effort!!
Gitte     (March 20th 2003)
Det er ved at være et par år siden jeg sidst kiggede ind til dig, men jeg må sørme sige at din website har fået et andet udseende og den nye her får alle de stjerner jeg kan fange :-) Flot stykke arbejde.
Jeg kiggede også lige forbi dit foto album ;-) kan slet ikke kende dig igen, fræk - flot - sexy.
De bedste ønsker om alt godt i fremtiden fra en gammel venninde.
Gitte.... :-*
Sharon     (March 18th 2003)
Lovely site! I enjoyed staying here. Love&Blessings, Sharon, Maryland USA
Lise Hyllested  email   (March 17th 2003)
Hej Torben.
Fint webside du har kreeret. Glæder mig til at hilse på dig i Friluftsbadet til sommer.

Knus Lise
Harrie van Dijk  email   (March 15th 2003)
Hello Torben,

Two ore three years ago, we had contact to about camp Michikamau. It is nice to now that through that contact I have contact again with Mr. Zschack. He found your website and through that he found me. The good memories which you have of Michikamau I simply can share. I great time with great, nice people.

Harrie (counselor in 1979!
Nadine  email   (March 14th 2003)
Hey, you site is great! I've been coming here since like 2 years ago, and I honestly never knew you guys had a guestbook! Oh well, anyways your site is awsome!!
joan     (March 14th 2003)
Taking a break from the slog and viewed your site. Its pretty cool, lots of good stuff. Will come back so keep up the hard work.
David  email Homepage  (March 14th 2003)
Hello, nice site I will visit soon again.
Torben Laurberg  email Homepage  (March 13th 2003)
Thank you very much for writing in my guestbook Very nice to hear from you Mr. Robert Zschack! I am extremely flattered and deeply honoured that you after all these years remember a former Danish camp counselor. Yes I do remember that excellent summer of 1983 at Camp Michikamau in Bear Mountain, NY. Memory is the treasure of the mind. And I do remember you very well Mr. Zschack, I remember Gillian Ramsden (Liverpool), Nigel Sherwood (Ireland), Jakob Skipper (Denmark), and Frank Wittenhorst (Gronigen, Holland) as well. I think there is a picture from Michikamau in the family album of my webpage: I also remember Pete Arguelles, Bill Batson, Phill Sosinsky, Andrea Solomon, Jeff Peck, Beth, Irene Metaxatos, Guy Weber other counselors, and when you broke that arrow as a sign of peace. Not to forget the WaterFront, the Dragon of the Lake Contest, softball at the A-Field, Overnight Hike at the Appalachian Trail, Marsmallows, Flag Poll, my cabin Ga'a'nun'da and some of the other cabins: Honta, Nastia, Tanaan, Scanando, Kiowa. It sure was the greatest summer of my life. I will never ever forget Camp Michikamau and the Sunny and Sandy Shores of Lake Kanawauke. Never. Old friends and old wine are best. And Camp Michikamau will remain in my soul and spirit. I hope that you and all the others from the summer of 1983 are doing fine. As a camp director you did an excellent and outstanding job and I admire your unsurpassable knowledge of human nature. Please accept my very best Danish regards. Very Sincerely, Torben Laurberg (counselor at Camp Michikamau, 1983), DENMARK, Scandinavia. PS: My personal webpage will always be
Does Camp Michikamau by the way have a webpage?
Bob Zschack  email   (March 13th 2003)
Remember the summer of 1983? Remember Gillian Ramsden, Nigel Sherwood, Jakob Skipper and me????
Martin Laurberg     (March 2nd 2003)
aaaaaallllloooooohaaaa bro!
astrid laurberg   Homepage  (February 22nd 2003)
Rigtig go side nu!! Prof!
Jane Nesbitt     (February 21st 2003)
Sorry Torben I'm homepageless...
Yes I have heard about Denmark.... but please tell me what's rotten in the State of Denmark?
Irvine McCarthy     (February 11th 2003)
Very good. The sub sites are well organized. I found the info very useful because I'm in the process of learning HTML and PHP. Needed some script input of sorts. Thanks.
gul  email   (February 11th 2003)
congratulations! Really proffessional web page! good luck
Iliana Kostova  email   (February 11th 2003)
A very interesting and professional web site made by a man with numerous and various interests. Congratulations!
jon brim     (February 10th 2003)
This is a very informational and helpful website, I am so appreciative of your time to developed this site. Thank You from a undergraudate nerd.
Jane Scott     (February 10th 2003)
The site looks good. A nice resource..
Ulrik Hansen  email Homepage  (February 10th 2003)
Ola Torben.

Que site bonito - muito bom.
Elizabeth.     (February 5th 2003)
Hi Torben. Finally got around to signing your guestbook. I wanted to send you a message in Danish, but I'm not that good yet.I am very impressed with your homepage, and your accomplishments. I'm proud to have such a fine friend in Denmark! Bye for now...Elizabeth.
Marianne Munk Coburn  email   (January 21th 2003)
Yo Friend I´ll remember you forever, you´re one of the best guys I know. Good luck on your way through life. Glad I meet you. Your friend always
Suzie Quin     (June 25th 2002)
Very nice and extremley clever Torben ! full marks
Lise  email   (May 13th 2002)
Hej Torben. Tænkte at jeg lige ville kikke lidt på dit website, jeg ved jo hvor flot den er og jeg har brug for lidt inspiration da jeg er i gang med at kreere et splinternyt website for mit arbejde. Jeg er nemlig blevet internetskribent for den afdeling jeg arbejder i. Med denne hilsen ønsker jeg dig en herlig sommer. Måske vi ses ved livreddertårnet på vestkysten, hvem ved?? Knus lise
Doug Packer  email   (January 9th 2002)
I happened across your site looking for the famous LB Johnson quotation about pissing in tents. Very interesting site - obviously partly designed for reading in bed because for some items you have to lie on your right side to read them. Sad people the Jantes - they couldn't tolerate people laughing at them, people with esteem or the possibility of discussion. No-one can open open a discussion with a Jante because the Jantes already knew all the answers. However, I don't know a fraction of the Jantes knowledge so I'd be interested to know how you did the quotation line at the bottom of the frame. Good Luck Doug

jörgen andersson  email   (January 5th 2002)
hej torben din sida var fine ville bara tale om det mvh jörgen andersson från sverige
kathy lee     (October 27th 2001)
very nice
Margareth Ville  email Homepage  (October 18th 2001)
you've done an excellent job!
Gita Street  email Homepage  (July 22th 2001)
En lille godmorgenhilsen herfra. Du har vist styr på JavaScript. Takker for kigget. Gita
Jolande Leinenbach  email Homepage  (July 21th 2001)
Hej Torben, This is a great Site! Looking forward to meeting you someday. Cheers, Jolande
Marc Ruben  email Homepage  (June 20th 2001)
Yo dude!, This webpage is cult!
Bowler     (June 19th 2001)
Hej Torben Fed hjemmeside. Bowler

Gitte Jensen  email Homepage  (June 15th 2001)
Hej Torben! Heftig side du har dig her. Man får helt lyst til at gå på stranden. ICQ Me..... 48356383 Hilsen Gitte
dracuella  email   (April 4th 2001)
Hej Torben Jeg tager hatten af for din side. Der er måske lige lidt meget lir - men den er teknisk set i top. Hilsen Dracy

Dorte  email   (February 24th 2001)
Hej Torben! Har været omkring siden et par gange eller tre.. Har regnet lidt på kaster siden bare 1/10 af den energi af sig, som siden er fuld af.. så tror jeg ikke vi behøver 37 timers arbejdsuge..og så får vi mere tid til de ting, som virkelig driver os. Knus, Dorte

Linda Jane Hellebert Nielsen     (January 7th 2001)
Hejsa Torben. Var lige ind og se lidt mere på din hjemmeside så derfor denne hilsen knus Linda.

Harrie van Dijk  email   (November 19th 2000)
I searched for camp Michikamau and came on your homepage. I am very impressed about it.
Lærke  email   (November 19th 2000)
Hello Torben...du ved nok ikke lige hvem jeg er,jeg ved sådan set heller ikke hvem du er!!!Sagen er den at jeg spiller i aalborg Garden, og hvis man søger på, ja så kommer man til din side!!!Forvirret?? Ja så er vi ellers fin hjemmeside!!

Lise Hyllested  email Homepage  (November 2nd 2000)
Hej Torben. Efter at have surfet rundt på din website kan jeg kun sige: Hold da helt op, hvor er den flot. Det har vist taget mange ensomme dage og nætter at kreere den. Man bliver helt forelsket i dig, når man læser om dine bedrifter... Nu hvor den er færdig (ja, helt færdig bliver den jo nok aldrig), hvad får du så tiden til at gå med? Du er altid velkommen til at surfe op til mig. En flaske rødvin kan vi jo altid dele og så kan du tjekke min hjemlige side ;-)thi hi Har du tjekket min website? (Den er lavet af en ekspert ;-)) Det er mig en ære at få lov til at skrive i din gæstebog. Knus fra Lise Hyllested
Jens Otto Hansen  email Homepage  (October 18th 2000)
Powersound Mobildiskoteks spillestil dækker over en meget bred målgruppe, hvilket gør at vi spiller til mange forskellige typer af arrangementer. Vi dækker alt lige fra 60'-ernes no.1, til de nyeste techno og dansenumre på hitlister. Vores spillelister dækker dermed: 60'er Rock/pop, 70'er Rock/pop, 80'er Rock/pop, 90'er danse klassikere, Dansktop, Danske hitnumre fra Pop, Dance, House, Techno og de bedste sjælere, og de bedste sjælere til de sene nattetimer,eller ring og maile og få et dugfriskt tilbud..
'John Doe'     (October 18th 2000)
For sure it's getting better...
Tina Pedersen  email   (September 9th 2000)
Hej det er en virkelig smuk hjemmeside du har. Du kan da en helt masse, i hvert fald imponere mig, men nu er jeg også kun en novice i dette medie.

Aashay  email   (August 26th 2000)
well buddy i have signed it!
Tina M.-L. Mortensen  email   (August 20th 2000)
Everything I write here is in english to honour your friend/pal/idol J. Scott Davis when he finally comes around your site!!!!! ;0)
Lucy Lee  email Homepage  (August 19th 2000)
You do the great job my dear friend :-)

Regin Larsen  email Homepage  (August 17th 2000)
Så kom jeg hertil.... =O) Det var gu' en sej menu! Den må jeg snuppe.... *GG* Så vil jeg komme tilbage senere når jeg har fået installeret NS og se alle de scriptfejl du taler om. Men har i M$ har der ikke været en eneste =O) cu later, aligator *lol*
jacqueline magdi  email   (August 17th 2000)
congratulations torben u seem to be very intelligent
Ulrik Hansen  email Homepage  (August 14th 2000)
Hej T. Jeg har jo aldrig set din side! Den er rigtigt godt lavet. Nu skal jeg se om jeg kan finde din besked formular. Ulrik.
Beth  email   (November 11th 1999)
Very nice homepage Torben!!


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