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My Education
Torben Laurberg, M.Sc. in Land Surveying, Planning, and Cadastral Management
Educational Background

Listed below is some information regarding my educational background. If you feel interested in learning more about my chosen field of studies, do not hesitate to write and ask me. It is my pleasure to be of help to you, if possible.

My Education:

Higher Education

M.Sc. degree in Land Surveying, Planning, and Cadastral Management (Aalborg University, Denmark, 1998):

I have been in the business of Land Surveying and Cadastral Management since I was a child. My father is an experienced Danish land surveyor and he has had his own Danish Land Surveyor Firm, Asger Laurberg for several years. Before that he worked for the Northern Nigerian Survey, so I sort of grew up arround maps, measurements, geometry, and anything pertaining to the surveying of land.

In Danish a M.Sc. Land Surveyor is called a Landinspektør.

Economic Courses

B.Sc. courses (Aalborg University, Denmark, 1987):
Economics and Business Administration in:

  • Business Economics
  • Annual Accounts
  • Investment
  • Management Finance
  • Finance and Budget Description Structures


IT-Coordinator (IBS Danmark A/S, 2001):

    Operating Systems:
  • Windows Installation
  • Regedit data base
  • FAT16/FAT32/NTFS-filsystems
  • Windows NT4/2000
  • Workstations/Professionel Server
  • Active Directory
  • DFS
  • DiskQuota
  • NTFS-Junktions
  • Coupling of WinNT 4.0 & Windows 2000 Domains
  • Internet:

  • WebDesign (Frontpage 2000/Stones WebWriter) HTML, DHTML, & CSS/Script
  • Implementation of WebHotels on DNS-Server & Internet Information Server 4.0/5.0
  • NetWorks:

  • NetWork Architecture & NetWork Components (Hub, Bridge, Switches, Routers), Protocols NetBEUI, IPX/SPX & TCP/IP
  • Domain Models, Win NT4/Windows 2000
  • Lotus Notes R5:

  • Lotus User
  • System Administration
  • Implementation of Hierarchical NotesDomains
  • Use of Lotus Notes as PostSystem/SMTP-Router with MX registration in NT DNS Server.
  • Development of NotesDataBase based on formulars and @commands
  • AS 400:

  • System Operation
  • System Administration
  • Query & Client Access
  • English Language Lessons:

  • IT-Business English
  • eBusiness:

  • Electronic Trade & Team Building
    My IT-Coordinator skills training in operative systems was divided into 9 topics:

    1. Personal Development and Job Search.
    2. Operative systems I:  Windows 95/98 + 20003.
    3. Network knowledge: Local Area Network TCP/IP4.
    4. Operative systems II: Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000
    5. Lotus Notes: Administration and Development
    6. Internet: Web Design
    7. eBusiness and IT-business english
    8. AS/400 (”The Platform, that never goes down”): Introduction to system handling, System Administration, Query & Client Access
    9. Consolidation

    My IT-coordinator course was carried out by IBS Danmark A/S and lasted 25 weeks.


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   about me | education | interests | webdesign | links Sign my GUESTBOOK please
BOOKMARK Torben Laurberg
Torben Laurberg
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