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Torben Laurberg, M.Sc. in Surveying, Planning, and Cadastral Management
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On this site I give you some informations about my volunteer, humanitarian, and lifelong commitment for Beach Lifesaving in Denmark.

Ever since 1990 I have been a coast lifeguard in the summer seasons and succeded in several rescues at the West Coast Beaches in Nordjylland, Denmark. I had to deal daily with tourists of all nationalities.

As a webmaster I'm running a lifeguard website called the Danish Surf Lifeguards

In 1995, I saved an older man from a heart attack at the swimming pool by giving CPR. This is in fact the accomplishment I am most proud of.

Code of Conduct
Danish Surf Lifeguards - at the Danish West Coast Beaches - have implementet an Australian Lifeguard code of behaviour and manners. Using the Code of Conduct - listed below - the volunteer Danish lifeguards are able to achieve an excellent team spirit on the beach every summer.

  • To enhance the standing and reputation of the Association.
  • To be loyal to the objectives and ideals of the Association.
  • To be honest, competent and act with integrity.
  • To provide courteous service to all.
  • To support fairness and equity.
  • To respect other members of the Association and treat them all with dignity.
  • To eliminate all intimidation and harassment in our Association.
  • To use all facilities and equipment for their proper purposes and care for and maintain them correctly.
  • To avoid conflicts of interest so the performance of the association is not adversely affected.
  • To continually learn to improve competency and/or maintain standards, pursue new ideas and to have fun.
Not only lifeguards can derive profit from the Code of Conduct.
Torben Laurberg
For several years I've been a volunteer surf lifeguard at the West Coast Beaches in Nordjylland, Denmark.
   about me | education | interests | webdesign | links Sign my GUESTBOOK please
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